17. desember 2012


Ivar Haugstad – Social Anthropologist (Norway)


I graduated from the University of Oslo in 2011,and in my MA theses I examined the factors and processes that prevail in a tourist destinations ability to attract visitors.

As beeing closely related to the founding of the Internasjonalt Institutt for Seriøs Oppmuntring I have initiated an ongoing anthropological research of oppmuntring (Norwegian for encouragement / creating optimism), where I seek a deep anthropological understanding of oppmuntring as a social phenomenon. In my current research I examine practices and social aspects related to encouragement as a factor in the creation of positive and energizing environment.

I am curious and inquisitive by nature. Therefore it is maybe not so surprising that I ended up as a social anthropologist. This probably also explains why I, during my (so far) 35 years of life, has acquired a very broad background of experience from various businesses, and lived in north, west, south and east of Norway. New people, new communities, new experiences and new impressions is the driving force in my life.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be more than happy to tell you all about our concept.

Phone: (0047)40401082

E-mail: post@antropolog.no

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